What is your name? And why?


What is your name? And why?

This sounds like a silly question but read on. The question is, “What is your name? And why?”

We will never know why my aunt, Margaret, was named Margaret. But we do know why my mother was named Lucia!

It is customary that a Sicilian couple name their children after their parents.

When a Sicilian couple has a child:

A 1st born son is named after his paternal grandfather.
A 2nd born son is named after his maternal grandfather.

A 1st born daughter is named after her paternal grandmother.
A 2nd born daughter is named after her maternal grandmother.

With that in mind, my mother should have been named Josephine but wasn’t for a very good reason. On her birthday there is a custom that my mother used to honor that I continue to do in her memory. But that is a story I will share on her birthday along with the custom and a very special recipe. The photo featured in this blog shows the ingredients for part of this special recipe.

My mother’s first younger sister was named Josephine. That was her paternal grandmother’s name. Margaret was the next younger sister and should have been named Concetta, after her maternal grandmother, but wasn’t. Anyone who might have known the reason is no longer with us and Margaret never asked why.

So Margaret was named Margaret. The next daughter was named Concetta, the name that should have been Margaret’s name. Sadly, Concetta died right after birth.

My mother’s first brother was named Angelo, but sadly, he passed away at 14 years old. Her second brother was named Salvatore. Her youngest brother was named John.

With this information, what were my great grandparents’ first names? Please share your guesses in my comments section of my blog. I’d love to know if you can figure it out!

Find out if you figured this out correctly in my next blog! Don’t feel bad if you didn’t because we have been asking questions about this custom and my mother’s siblings’ names for as long as I can remember. They didn’t follow tradition. In those days, Sicilians didn’t go against the customs their families practiced when naming their children but for some reason, that we will never know, they named their children differently and it was accepted.

My oldest brother is named Vincent. My next brother is named Rosario. My name is Maria. So, what are my grandparents’ names? Put your guesses in the comment section of my blog.

So, what is your name? And why?

Where did your first name come from? Were you named after someone? It’s interesting to find out!


What is your name? And why? — 5 Comments

  1. I was named Joan Barbara,Joan after my maternal great grandmother,Barbara,after my paternal
    Great grandmother.

    • That’s really interesting Joan, that you are named after your great grandmothers! I’m always fascinated with your stories. You have so many stories to tell. It is so nice to have the histories we do with our families. I was named after both of my grandmothers as they were both named Maria. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Angelo and Josephine were my paternal great grandfather’s name and my paternal great grandmother’s name. My maternal great grandparents’ names were Salvatore and Concetta.

    My paternal grandparents’ names were Vincent and Maria. My maternal grandparents’ names were Rosario and Maria.

    So Christy, Vincent was a correct answer!

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