Update: Sicilian Egg Cookies

Update: Sicilian Egg Cookies

Yesterday I tried yet another recipe for my grandmother’s Sicilian egg cookies.  I had already tried about 6 different variations and I thought that I had finally come up with one that just might work.  A reminder; my mother had 5 different recipes for these cookies in her recipe file!

Update: Sicilian Egg Cookies.  So how did they come out?  They didn’t. Again!

I made half of the recipe.  Previous attempts came out soft inside like they should be but very damp on top.  The batter was too thin and they spread out too much. They tasted ok but not great. I threw them out.

So this time, I changed the recipe so the batter would be a little thicker.  I only baked 10 on the first cookie sheet to see how they would turn out. They looked good going in the oven.  They tasted ok when they were baked, but not great.

I decided that the batter needed to be a little thinner so I made a couple changes.  I then baked the second half of the batter.  It still wasn’t right.  These were still too dense.  I ate a couple and put the rest in a sealed container.  When I tasted one later, they were just too dry. So, another failed attempt!  These got thrown out too.

At this point, I don’t know if I will try again.  I am re-creating family recipes, not creating new ones.  I don’t know the chemistry of baking.

So I guess for now, I will leave this recipe alone until I decide to try the new recipe I worked up yesterday after that failed attempt!   LOL  Yep, there is another possibility in the wings just waiting until I am ready to try again!

The moral of the story:  If someone you know makes something you love, get the recipe before it is too late!

This brings back a memory that I had totally forgotten until this second.  I used to tell my kids, when they were little, that if they were at a friend’s house and their mother or father cooked or baked something they liked, ask for the recipe.  And they did!

Share a baking experience of yours in the comment section below and I will share it with everyone reading my blog!  I’d love to hear from you!

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