Testing stuff on my friends!

Testing stuff on my friends is something I do! After all, I need somebody to tell me if something I bake is too sweet or not sweet enough. Is the texture soft and cake-like or is it hard and tough?

So I have a friend, Del, who comes to my apartment and we sit in my lanai and drink coffee; for hours. We never run out of things to talk about so it is really nice!

Today was our coffee group which meets every Wednesday morning in the clubhouse where we live. We take turns bringing goodies. When I bring cookies, cakes, and other things that I bake and cook, I ask for everyone’s opinions. I was asking the ladies their opinions on the baked goods I made and brought today.

As we were talking, Del said that I should write in my blog what the ladies say about my goodies. She also told them about her visiting me and offering her cookies, cakes, and other things that I bake. She told them that I give her things to taste and then tell her that I think they are horrible! She laughs as she tells them this! I have to laugh with them. Some are horrible! And I feed them to her!

The truth of the matter is that I was testing out my grandmother’s egg cookies on Del. In my earlier blogs I told you all about trying to figure out how to make my grandmother’s egg cookies and that I tried about 7 different versions of the recipe. My mother had 5 different recipes for them in her recipe file. I tried them all plus made some attempts to change the recipes so they would come out like my grandmother’s. As you know, I threw out about 7 batches of my attempts at making them. My cousin also tried 2 different versions and they didn’t come out right either.

So, I asked Del to taste the cookies; she tasted most versions of them. After she tasted them I would get her feedback that they weren’t that good. AFTER she ate them, I would tell her that I also thought they were horrible and I was going to throw them out. But before I threw them out, I gave some to her! This makes me laugh because I remember her telling the ladies this story this morning! Yep! I fed her grandma’s egg cookies that didn’t come out. I fed them to Del and then threw them out!

So I guess that if you come to visit me and I feed you cookies, you never know if they were ones that I liked or ones that I planned to throw out because they were horrible failures!

(and I laugh!)


Testing stuff on my friends! — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, Mary. Christy here, I have to say on the days I was at the coffee group on Wednesday’s I have not tasted anything of your baked goodies bad. They are just wonderful. My favorite are those toasted ravioli with honey. Must have that recipe.
    I love your blog. Keep it going.
    See you in September.

  2. Christy, Thanks for writing! I am so glad that you enjoy my recipes! I miss you being here. Can’t wait until you get home! Mary

  3. Hey Christy! Did you ever try to make the Bones of the Dead cookies? If you did, how did they come out? I know you are at a higher altitude so I am curious how the adjustments I gave you worked. Mary

    • Hi Mary. I have totally forgotten. I’ve been busy with my new camera learning how to use it.
      I’ll get right on it.
      Hope your well

  4. Hey! New cameras are fun! When you get home I want to see yours! My next camera goal is learning how to do videos for my blog. Challenging and fun! If you don’t make the Bones of the Dead cookies up there, we can make them together, if you want, when you get back!

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