Sicilian Christmas Cassata

Sicilian Christmas Cassata will be the crowning glory on your Christmas dessert table! On it you will also find Sicilian Cream Puffs filled with sweet and smooth Sicilian Cream, Homemade Cannoli with Ricotta Cream filling, and Sicilian Ribbon Cookies drizzled with honey and then sprinkled with confectioners sugar.

This specialty Sicilian Christmas Cassata comes from my great-aunt’s recipe file, another unique creation, from Siculiana, Sicily.

Sicilian Christmas Cassata starts with 2 layers of homemade sponge cake.  Between the layers you will taste Sweet Sicilian Ricotta Cream, cooked to perfection, with small pieces of candied fruit and bits of milk chocolate.  The second layer is placed on the layer of filling and the cake is covered with more Sicilian Ricotta Cream.  It is topped with a ring of maraschino cherries and milk chocolate bits. For the finishing touch, the sides are covered with toasted almonds!

This Sicilian Christmas Cassata is the traditional Christmas dessert of the people of Siculiana, Sicily. This Sicilian Cassata will impress your guests with its beautiful presence and delicious flavor!  It will be difficult to choose from among these beautiful and delicious desserts.  You just might have to taste each one of them!

Find this recipe, and many more, in my upcoming cookbook from Cucina Lucia!


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  1. Chris, Thank you soooooooooooooo much! I really appreciate your writing to me. Have you tried any of my recipes? I cook and bake these recipes that came from my mother and grandmother throughout the year. I don’t wait for a holiday! I can’t resist them! Mary

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