The Feast of Saint Lucy

The Feast of Saint Lucy or “Santa Lucia” Following Sicilian tradition, my mother, Lucia, was supposed to be named Josephine after her father’s mother. But when she was born on December 13, 1920, The Feast of Saint Lucy, her mother … Continue reading

Sicilian Sausage Bogliolati

Sicilian Sausage “Bogliolati” (Pronounced “Boo You La Tea”) Sicilian Sausage Bogliolati, sausage rolls,  are a Sicilian specialty food that my mother made for special occasions. She always made enough for our family of five plus more for my grandparents and … Continue reading

Cooking Mistakes and Your Input

Cooking Mistakes and Your Input I shared my Messy Cooking and Baking blog and now I am asking you for your input.  What I am talking about is my Cooking Mistakes and Your Input in regard to my cookbook. I am … Continue reading