P.S. Grandma’s Sicilian Ricotta Pastry

Another Way to Make Grandma’s Sicilian Ricotta Pastry

The last thing I put on my blog was the recipe for my Grandma’s Sicilian Ricotta Pastry. It has a sweet pastry crust and a very thin layer of sweetened ricotta cheese.

When I first made it with the filling only having 1/2 of a cup of ricotta, I knew the ricotta layer would be very thin. That is how my grandmother used to make it and I make it  that way.

Someone asked me today if the ricotta layer could be made thicker since it only called for 1/2 of a cup of ricotta and it didn’t seem like enough.  I had thought of a way to make the ricotta layer thicker but I have not tried it out yet.  So I told her my idea.

What I would do is to double the recipe;  double recipe of the crust and double recipe for the filling. Then instead of making the crust an 11 inch round make it maybe a 9 inch round.  Make sure to build up the edge about an inch and a half or a little higher because with the double ricotta filling it is going to be thicker and it has to be held in by the edge when it bakes. You don’t want the filling to run out of the crust. This has happened to me when I didn’t make the edge tall enough when I was recreating this recipe.

It will also take more time for it to bake.  Try baking it for an additional 5 minutes than called for in the doubled recipe and then check to see if the filling is firm to the touch.  The crust edge will be golden brown.

I invite you to try making it using the original recipe or this way with a thicker layer of ricotta.  Please let me know how it comes out.  You can write to me in the “comments” section.  I will write back to you.  When I get around to trying it this way, I will let all of you know how it came out for me.

Let’s get some communication going back and forth.  I’d love to hear from anyone reading my blog and how my recipes are coming out for you.  I appreciate any feedback.  I might have to make some changes based on your ideas.  I want you to be able to make all the recipes I give to you so the directions need to be clear.




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    • Thanks for writing! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog! If you start reading from my first blog entry I think you will enjoy my stories and other recipes. This particular story and recipe you commented on is one that I loved when my grandmother made it and I still love to make it!
      Again, thanks for writing!

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