My SECOND Question

My SECOND question

Awhile ago, I told you that I have 2 questions that I like to ask people.

The first question I asked at that time was, “If you had to choose only one food to eat for your entire life and give up everything else, what would that one food be?”

I want to ask you my second question that I like to ask everyone.  What in your life, and at what age, was your very first memory? Not a story someone told you about your life but what you yourself remember.

My first memory is of a summer day in 1957 when I was 3 years old. My brothers used to play with the boys in our neighborhood. I used to tag along. I remember sitting by the side of the road crying because they wouldn’t let me play baseball with them. Now what 8 and 12 year old boys want their baby sister tagging along behind them?   Mine sure didn’t!

They were playing ball on Grant Street one day and, tired of my hanging around them, told me to “go play with the little girls over there.” They were the cousins of one of the boys. So I did! That is the day I met Jackie, then about 7 years old, Bonnie who was maybe 5, and Melanie, who was 2 ½.

I went over to them and that was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted right up until today and will continue forever!

I remember that day like it was yesterday!   I met my first best friends who were my “second family.” I was at their house all of the time. I spent overnights. I ate meals at their house. Swam in their pool in the summers. I was like another daughter but not related. Did I tell you that there were 6 girls in their family?  When I met them, there were only three. It was so exciting when each of the others were born!

I have 2 wonderful brothers but I always wanted a sister and asked my mother for a sister my whole life. I think the last time I told her that I wanted a sister I was about 20 years old and she told me it wasn’t possible! Too funny! It had turned into a joke but I really did want a sister my entire life and still wish I had one. But those 6 girls and their parents were my second family and the next best thing to having sisters of my own!

So now I ask you, “What is your very first memory?” How old were you?

Please share your first memory with me in my comments section and I will pass them along to everyone who reads my blog!  I really want to hear from you!


My SECOND Question — 4 Comments

  1. My earliest memory happened when I was about four.They had just installed. a fire alarm on the corner of our street Grand Ave.I didn’t know what it was and asked m sister who is three years older
    If she knew what it was.My sister Ruth was with her friends and they told me if I pulled the handle I could talk to Mommie.I was so excited I pulled the handle down and didn’t understand why they ran away.I ran home and told my Mother and she told me what a terrible thing I had done.I didn’t get punished but boy did my sister get it when she got home.

  2. My first memory was the day Tommy was born. It’s just a short glimpse, really. I was standing in our kitchen at Tifft Ave facing the refrigerator. I remember looking up at everything; not being able to see the counter tops. I was three at the time, so that makes sense. Grandma Keebler was with me, telling me that you and dad would be home soon and I would have a brother. I can still see it so clearly…. I could almost say I feel it. My second memory is Tommy eating pancakes in his high chair covered in syrup. 🙂

    • Hi Pam!
      Thanks for sharing! I think it is cute that the first thing you remember is something about your brother! I remember how little you were when Tommy was born. He weighed 2 pounds 5 ounces more than you when you were born. When you and Tommy were together for the first time, when you came up to the hospital to meet your new baby brother, all of a sudden seeing you next to him, you were such a big girl! Wow! It was so crazy!

      Cute too that your second memory is of your brother! I have a picture of you when you were about 2 years old sitting in your highchair with sauce all over your face from eating spaghetti and you were smiling from ear to ear! So cute!!!

      Anyway, you and your brother are the best things that ever happened to me!

      Love you,

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