“Messy Cooking and Baking”

“Messy Cooking and Baking”

When you look for recipes, do you find that the pictures you see in cookbooks or online show perfect mouth-watering foods displayed on lovely serving pieces?  They look perfect!  Do they make you think that you can’t possibly make them and have them turn out looking like those perfect pictures?  So, what do you do?  Do you just close the book or click off the online recipes and not even try to make them.  Well, I want you to know that cooking and baking are usually “Messy Cooking and Baking.”

What does “Messy Cooking and Baking” look like?  Well, let’s see.  You’ll see flour all over the counters and even on our clothes, and don’t forget the floor, messy measuring spoons and sticky spatulas, batter spattered electric mixers, ovens with overflowed pie fillings on the bottom that bubble and burn, cookies that we either undercook or burn, and so many other kitchen failures!  And about the cookies burning?  I can’t tell you how many times I have checked on my cookies to see if they are done baking and I accidentally drop one and it sits at the bottom of the oven and burns!  Did you know that a cookie on the bottom of an oven can catch fire?  They can and they do!  This is normal for all of us!  If it has never happened to you, well, you just haven’t cooked and baked enough.  And all those famous chefs you see on television?  It has happened to them too!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the time I added the flour to the liquid ingredients in the bowl of my electric mixer and turned it on to low; so I thought. Well, I somehow turned it on to high! You can imagine what it looked like when the flour exploded in a big cloud and flew in every direction; on the counter, on the walls, onto the side of the refrigerator, and all over the mixer itself! I have to tell you that it was one big mess to clean up!  And that happened just last month!

Cookbooks usually show perfection. We aren’t perfect and neither is our cooking and baking. But no matter what we bake and cook, it is delicious even if it doesn’t look perfect!  And don’t forget, we have fun!

Some of the photos I take while cooking and baking for either my blog or my cookbook are pictures I haven’t yet shared with you.  But, they are a testament to MY “Messy Cooking and Baking.”

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