Making Meatballs and Memories!


One day recently, I realized that if I wanted my kids to have my mother’s Sicilian recipes, the foods that I grew up on and that they too had grown up on, I had to create the recipes. They made many of these with me or watched me as I made them but I knew I had to write them down in ways that they would be able to make them themselves to taste, smell, look and serve so that they would be just like their grandmother’s and mine.

My memory of making meatballs with my mother popped into my mind when I first thought about creating the recipes for my kids.  Each Saturday when my mother prepared to make meatballs for the next day’s meal, I grated the dried Italian bread and the large triangular piece of Pecorino Romano cheese.  I remember scratching my fingers on the grater as the loaf of bread and the piece of cheese got smaller and smaller.  My mother had already ground the beef, pork, and veal with which she made meatballs.  Everything she cooked and baked was truly made from scratch.  She even made her own sausage.

Every Sunday at noon we had pasta with sauce, meatballs, and sausage, all made from scratch, and “other meats” that we prepared on Saturday.  I don’t remember one Sunday that we didn’t eat this same meal!  Ever!

I remember that I loved being in the kitchen with my mother!  Helping her in the kitchen is how I learned to cook and bake!

In the future I will tell you about the “other meats” that were in the sauce!

Only after remembering making meatballs and grating bread and cheese with my mother did I realize that everything that I cook has a memory or a story behind it!  That is what made me decide to share my memories and recipes with all of you!

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