I love to cook and bake and I love to eat!!!

I just ate a SAUSAGE BOGLIOLATI for lunch and I have STUFFED GREEN PEPPERS IN THE OVEN.  These are two of my favorite recipes and I almost always have them in the freezer so when I want them, they are there and ready to eat in just a few minutes!  I microwave them for about 1 1/2 minutes and I have a great lunch or dinner without having to make them each time.


Stuffed peppers 7

I haven’t been writing much on here lately but I do have some updates and interesting things going on in my life.

First, about my cookbook.  It will probably be at least 8 months before it gets published.  My daughter, Pam, is my editor and she has been very busy having gone back to school to be a Cardiac Sonographer.  She just hasn’t had time to do the editing, but soon she and I will get to it. As always, I am so proud of her!

I have a real job!  By “real” I mean that I work for someone else and I get a real live paycheck each week.  I even have a job title: “Sales and Marketing Rep” for Response4Help, a Division of Self-Direct, whose main office is in Syracuse, NY.  I still live in Florida and this is where my job is.  I am selling Personal Emergency Response Systems, the pendants you wear around your neck and press the button if you need help.  I also am selling a tablet that is a reminder telling you when to take your medications or sends you reminders of other things you need to do to stay safe, healthy and live independently. It is really fulfilling as these products and services can save lives!  The company, being based in Syracuse, NY, can help all of you that live in Auburn, NY, Syracuse, NY, or any of the surrounding areas.  We are getting to an age where we need these things to keep us safe, and if not us, some of you still have older parents, other relatives, and friends that could use these.  In the Syracuse and surrounding areas, they provide many more services and products. If you are interested, let me know, or look up Self-Direct and give them a call.

I have some other news about finding relatives because of my blog and I will write that in another blog in the next couple days!

It’s almost time to take my STUFFED GREEN PEPPERS out of the oven and I certainly will enjoy them for dinner tonight! 

I’ll also enjoy them for 4 more meals as that is how many will be in my freezer just waiting for me!



I love to cook and bake and I love to eat!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Mary, I just started reading your blog and am enjoying your stories. The way your Mom and Grandmother cooked reminds me of the way we cook where I’m from in Sicily, Valguarnera Caropepe.

    I can’t find the recipes for your stuffed peppers and sausage bogliolati (which I have never heard of by the way.) Thanks!

    • Hi Carmela,

      I’m sorry I haven’t been on my blog and answered your question until now. The Stuffed Pepper recipe was published on my blog on August 2, 2015. THe Sausage Bogliolati recipe was published on Nov. 21, 2015. I hope you will look for them and try making them both. They are two of my favorite recipes! I usually have both in my freezer so I can enjoy them whenever I want. Let me know how the recipes turn out for you. Have fun baking!


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