If you are new to my Sicilian food blog…

If you are new to my Sicilian food blog, please start reading from my first post, my welcome introduction.  I hope to open up a whole new dining experience for you!  You will have authentic Sicilian recipes that no one has ever given you!

I am writing my Sicilian food blog, sharing some of my recipes and later writing and publishing my cookbook so you can enjoy everything I have enjoyed my entire life! I want you to taste all of the recipes in my Sicilian food blog and cookbook.  I want to open up a whole new dining experience to you! This is all for you!

My Sicilian food blog starts at my introduction.  To understand why I am blogging, it is important that you read from the beginning.  I have a lot of information in my posts that I wrote to share with everyone who reads my blog.

You’ll learn why I started my blog and why these recipes are important to pass along.  I want to share my stories with you!  I want to share my recipes with you so you too can make and enjoy some foods that are very different and unique.  The majority of people do not know about these recipes.

When I tell people about my recipes, I might start out by telling them what it is called. Their first response is that they have had it.  I ask them to describe it to me.  Afterwards, I explain what my version of it is and they see how different it is from what they thought.

The photo I placed at the beginning of this post is an example of one of the recipes that is different from what people think. It is a photo of our Sicilian “baked macaroni” served with home-made meatballs plus sausage and pieces of beef cooked in home-made sauce.  When I tell them I make “baked macaroni” they automatically think it is baked ziti. It is very different than baked ziti.  I can tell you that this is so much more delicious than simple baked ziti.

Another example is our Sicilian “sweet ravioli.”  They are not your typical ravioli. They are a dessert ravioli.  I make them for no occasion, but then, I bake and cook all the time!  I believe that good food should be eaten all year long and not saved just for holidays!  And I share with others!

Everyone I talk to about my recipes, describing them, always tell me that they sound delicious.  Then they tell me that they want my cookbook when it comes out!

I invite you to read my Sicilian food blog, subscribe to it so you can get additional free recipes and notifications when I post a new blog, and try some of my recipes that I’ve shared with you.

Thank you to all of you who have already subscribed to my blog.  I hope you are enjoying it!

Please leave comments and I will answer you.  I welcome questions and what you’d like to see in future blogs!

If you grew up with me and had my mother’s or my food, please leave comments to share with others.  I’d like them to know how delicious my mother’s cooking was!


If you are new to my Sicilian food blog… — 4 Comments

  1. I recently subscribed to your blog and really enjoy reading about you, your family and your recipes. I too am Italian and proud of it.
    My folks are from Abruzzi and my Mom also rarely used a recipe. I’m looking forward to your dishes.
    Regards, Teresa

    • Hi Teresa!
      Thanks so much for writing! It is great to hear from someone who enjoys their family “recipes” handed down from generation to generation. Do you cook and bake the foods your mother cooks and bakes? I would LOVE to hear about some of your family “recipes!” Since you don’t have written recipes, can you describe some of them for me? I’d really enjoy hearing about your cooking and baking!

      When I started creating the recipes with ingredients, measurements and directions, one of my brothers said that we can’t cook like our mother because she cooked by smell and taste. I was in the kitchen with my mother my entire life and loved cooking and baking with her. I have always been able to make her “recipes” by smell and taste just like she did. I continued to make her wonderful creations when I had my own family.

      I hope you will try creating my recipes and please let me know how they come out for you. If you have any questions about my recipes, please just ask and I will get back to you asap so you can continue cooking!

      Happy cooking!

    • Thanks Patty!

      We’ve had a lot of fun through the years sharing recipes and baking together! I’m glad that you and your girls enjoy my recipes. I know that Jennifer loves my cavatelli! They are one of my favorites! I don’t wait for the holidays to make them. I think that if we like something, we should enjoy it year round! These things are meant to enjoy!


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