Grandma’s Sicilian Egg Cookies

Hi everybody!

Today I am doing something a little different.  I am just writing my “train of thought” about lost recipes.  The one I have been trying to make for weeks now is my Grandma’s Sicilian Egg Cookies.

My Grandma used to make these really simple yet delicious egg cookies.  Every Sunday when our family went to the farm to visit, she always had these.  ALWAYS!!!  So why, you ask, and I ask too, no one ever wrote down the recipe???  I had told you she was illiterate and could not write at all but someone could have written it down while watching her make them. But no one did.

Many years ago, my mother, Lucia, and I tried to make them but we weren’t successful.  But for some reason that I will never know, I found 5 different recipes for Grandma’s Sicilian Egg Cookies in my mother’s recipe file that I brought home with me after she passed away.  Five different recipes!  I have tried them all and I still can’t get them right!  LOL  I have thrown out many batches of these cookies!

My aunt gave my cousin 2 different of the recipes that she had and my cousin made both and brought some to my aunt.  Neither turned out like grandma’s.

The last time I made them I came up with another possibility that just might work.  But because of all the ones I baked and threw out, I have been reluctant to try it out!

I think today is the day!  I will give it one more try to see if I can make my Grandma’s Sicilian Egg Cookies!

I will let you know how they come out!  Wish me luck!

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