Cucina Lucia cookbook coming soon!

A Collection of Recipes from Cucina Lucia is coming soon!  It has been quite the challenge for me to write it, totally write it!  I wrote the entire book press-ready to be printed.  It was not an easy task as you know I am technically challenged.  But I kept going, learning what I needed to know at each step.  I finally finished it and sent it to the publisher to be printed.  I am now just waiting for the proof to go over before it is printed.  I should have it to sell at the end of January, 2017, or the beginning of February.  I am very excited about it!

Cucina Lucia has about 70 original family recipes in it with stories to go with the recipes.  There are 159 photos, almost all in full color.  I designed the covers as well as the dividers.  I think the pictures are going to make you really hungry!  That is the response whenever I show the pictures to anyone or post them on facebook.  The cover includes pictures of some unique and absolutely delicious dishes! The back cover also has photos of foods that are mouth-watering! On the front of each divider, I put pictures of the recipes in that particular section.  On the backs of the dividers are pictures of the steps in making some of the recipes. After all, I spent years learning how to make these things, watching my mother a million times! There are also some anecdotes that I hope you will find interesting! There are surprises with each section of my cookbook, Cucina Lucia.

I am now just waiting to see how it all turns out and I am really excited about it!

If you would like to pre-order and receive one of the first copies of my book, you can contact me at, on my facebook page for those of you on it, or by leaving a comment on my blog.  I will give you the information you need.

Please share my blog and the news about my cookbook with your friends and family!

It’s been a lot of fun and we’re just getting started with the next part of this journey you’ve been on with me since I started my blog!

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