Cooking Mistakes and Your Input

Cooking Mistakes and Your Input

I shared my Messy Cooking and Baking blog and now I am asking you for your input.  What I am talking about is my Cooking Mistakes and Your Input in regard to my cookbook.

I am in the process of writing my cookbook and hope to have it published in the spring of 2016. The recipes on my blog have pictures with them to show you how to make the Sicilian dishes I have shared with you.  There will be more recipes in the cookbook, new recipes, that I have not posted in my blog.

When I look for a recipe in a cookbook or online, there are certain things I look for in regard to formatting the ingredients, the directions, and the photographs.  I look for recipes that are easy to understand.  I really like recipes that have photographs to go along with the directions so I can make things that I may never have seen. It’s difficult to make something if you don’t know what it should look like when it is completed.

I mentioned in Messy Cooking and Baking that everyone makes messes when they bake and cook and sometimes things don’t turn out looking good even if you’ve made them a million times. Do you look at photographs of things you want to make and see these perfect pictures and just give up because you think you can’t make it to look like that?  Or are you disappointed when you do make something new and it doesn’t look like the pictures in the cookbook? That leads me to asking you for your input.

When you look at a recipe, what do you look for?  

  1. Do you like the directions written in paragraphs under the list of ingredients or do you like the ingredients and directions in columns side by side?
  2. Do you like photographs of the steps to make the recipe?
  3. Would you like to see photos of the mistakes that I make?  You will see that everything doesn’t always come out perfect and that you can make the foods that I cook and bake.

These are just a few questions for which I would like your input.  I would like you to answer the above questions.

I am also asking that you give me an idea of what you like to see in a cookbook so I can give you what you like when I create my cookbook.  I’d really like your ideas!

Please send me your ideas in the comment section below this blog entry.  I REALLY APPRECIATE your input!  


Cooking Mistakes and Your Input — 2 Comments

  1. I like the directions to follow the ingredients.I like to see a picture of the finished dish,pictures of the process ,step by step,I find a waste of space.As I don’t eat much pasta,I would like to see more vegetables.I know he Sicillians use a lot of vegetables.

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