Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

Cookies!  Cookies!  And more… 

There were a lot of recipes in my mother’s recipe box.  I took it home with me after she passed away.  I found it to be cute that she wrote in the corner of some of her recipes, “when single.”  She had been making these recipes since before she got married in 1945; a very long time ago!

dsc04625_0049I made them with her for years but with her gone, it became important for me to make them and share them with my kids.  Many of her recipes had a list of ingredients with no directions and there would be no way a person would be able to make them if they hadn’t watched her make them or if they hadn’t learned from me like my kids did.

I have a special cookie jar that I bought in 1981; a pig.  My mother had a special cookie jar, an elephant, that I now have.  I treasure it because it was hers.

Do you have a special cookie jar?  If not, find one that you love and fill it with homemade cookies!  Your kids can help you choose one that they like and then start making cookies together to put in it!  Start a new tradition with your family!

I will be working on writing down my mother’s cookie recipes and will share them with you soon!

In the meantime, bake some cookies with your kids using your own recipes and enjoy them. 

…with a glass of milk!


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